Our Fundraiser finds recognition overseas

The staff of Martin Luther Homes have launched a Fundraiser to purchase a brand-new device that helps to engage and cheer up people with dementia not too long ago. So far, it has received plenty of support from families and friends of our relatives and staff, the German community in Melbourne, and now even overseas.

The Netherlands-based company, Active Cues, that has invented the magic Tovertafel has heard about our pledge to raise the funds here in Australia before Christmas and they were so impressed with our passion for their product that they have supported us online, on social media, and even with published articles in Germany, one of their biggest markets and also the home country of many of our residents at Martin Luther Homes.

The article describes the many positive reactions that came to light when some of our residents with dementia had an opportunity to play on the Tovertafel earlier in the year during a trial of the new technology. Marketing & Innovation Manager, Oliver Heuthe, told SBS German Radio in Melbourne about the incredible experience, someone from Tovertafel in Holland tuned in, and now people in Germany can read all about it. What a small world it has become.

To help us raise the funds for our very own Tovertafel, please visit our GoFundMe page! Thank you & Danke!