Pastoral Care at Martin Luther Homes

Please welcome Yasmina Buhre!

Yasmina, a Religious Educator fluent in both English and German, is affiliated with the Dreifaltigskeits Kirche (Trinity Church). To reach Yasmina directly, you can contact her by phone at 0493 609 787 or via email at Yasmina will be providing pastoral care and leading worship sessions at Martin Luther Homes.

Yasmina plans to visit Martin Luther Homes:

Fr Miroslaw (Mirek) Knap

Catholic worship gatherings are held every third Friday of the month, supplemented by one-on-one pastoral support as required.

St Joseph’s and St Bernadette’s – Boronia Parish

Pastor Peter Ghalayini

Worship gatherings on the first Monday of every month, complemented by personalised pastoral care sessions.

Ringwood Knox Lutheran Parish

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