Our Team

Birgit Goetz – Chief Executive Officer

Birgit joined Martin Luther Homes as Chief Executive Officer in 2011. She has started her career in the healthcare sector as a midwife in Germany and the UK. In the UK, Birgit worked as Clinical Educator and managed neonatal intensive care units and infection control departments. Since arriving in Australia in 1998, she has completed an MBA and held a number of senior executive roles in the public and private health care sector. As the CEO of Martin Luther Homes, Birgit combines her essential clinical skills with her extensive experience in management and planning on a daily basis.

Elise Gowans – Director of Nursing

Born and raised in Melbourne, I’ve called Queensland home for over a decade after I moved back to Melbourne. As an Aussie at heart, my Christian faith has been a guiding light in my journey. Inspired by my nan’s time in aged care, I pursued nursing, now dedicating over 20 years to the field with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Alongside my professional life, I find solace in family moments with my twin daughters and express my creativity through drawing and clay work. Volunteering at my nan’s aged care facility earned me the Duke of Ed Award, a testament to my commitment to service and compassion. 

Tim Lewinski – Operations Manager

Tim is originally from Austria but decided to settle in Australia. He joined our team at Martin Luther Homes as the Operations Manager in July 2022. He’s in charge of looking after our facility and is the main point of contact for any building issues. He studied business and marketing in Australia and has experience working in various sectors, including not-for-profit organisations.

Reuben Yap – Finance Manager

Reuben has started looking after the accounts of Martin Luther Homes in October 2022. Reuben grew up in Indonesia and came to Australia over 20 years ago. He studied Accounting and Finance in Sydney before making Melbourne his new home. He has worked as an accountant and finance manager in the aged care industry and for non-for-profit organisation.

Evelin Martin – Admissions Manager

Evelin joined our Martin Luther Homes’ team in 2013. She grew up in Germany, went to school in France and lived in the USA before coming to Australia over 30 years ago. Evelin has a postgraduate degree from Monash University and taught languages and IT at schools. She has found her passion to work in aged care. As our Admissions Manager, she assists new residents to enter and settle into aged care and liaises with residents and their families.

Debbie Grey – Lifestyle Coordinator

Debbie has first joined us as a Lifestyle Assistant in 2020. She took over the role of our Lifestyle Coordinator in 2021. Debbie brings a long history of working in aged care with her. She has worked over 20 years as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) and as a Lifestyle Assistant. As our Lifestyle Coordinator, she is responsible and the go-to person for all things activities in our aged care facility, including looking after our volunteers.

Ricarda Rammanhor – STRC Program Manager

Ricarda joined the team in 2019 and is responsible for the Short-Term Restorative Care Program. Ricarda has a background in Business Management/Sales and Marketing. In 2007, she migrated with her family to Australia from South Africa and quickly found her new calling in the Aged Care Sector where she has worked for a number of organisations in management roles.

Birgit Gisler – Retirement Village Coordinator

Birgit is from Germany and lived in the Italian part of Switzerland for ten years. She worked as a Physiotherapist in both places. Then, more than 20 years ago, she moved to Australia. In Australia, Birgit learned about Fitness and got certified. For about 15 years, she helped people as a trainer, especially focusing on the well-being of older adults. Since 2017, Birgit has been taking care of our Retirement Village. She cares about making life better for the people who live there. She has a lot of experience from different countries and knows much about helping people stay healthy and happy.

As a registered charity and a Not-For-Profit organisation, Martin Luther Homes has a Board of Governance with seven Directors who guide and oversee our organisation. You can learn more about our Board members HERE.