Volunteering at Martin Luther Homes is a truly rewarding experience. There are so many opportunities for you to make a difference in the life of our residents. Volunteering is very flexible and is depending on the preferences of the volunteers. Whether it is on a regular weekly basis or during some of our popular events, we value the time you dedicate to our residents, and they will appreciate every moment you spend with them.

There are various roles and places within our not-for-profit organisation that you can choose from, these includes activities such as bingo, arts & crafts, computer lessons, music or simply going for walks and having engaging conversations. In addition, there is also a men’s group that always appreciates male input and we are looking in particular for volunteers who speak German and who could engage with many of our residents in their mother tongue.

To find out how you could become a volunteer at Martin Luther Homes, simply call (03) 9760 2100 or email us at info@martinlutherhomes.com.au.