Activities in Aged Care

Thanks to our busy Activities Team, there is never a dull day at Martin Luther Homes. Our residents are free to participate in as many activities as they wish. There are too many activities to name, but here is a list of a few regular activities that are on offer throughout the facility:

  • Bingo
  • Happy Hour
  • Karaoke, Choir and Sing-Alongs
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Carpet Bowling
  • Cultural Celebrations
  • Language Lessons (German/Spanish)
  • Tech Lessons for tablets and smartphones
  • Regular Excursions
  • Tovertafel Sessions

Find out what’s happening in our aged care facility this month:

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We are regularly running fundraisers for our activities department. All donations go directly into our lifestyle program. If you have any questions, contact our activities team at (03) 9760 2490 or

Martin Luther Homes is now registered in the Community Benefit Program of Ritchies IGA. Any funds raised with this program will go towards our lifestyle program in our aged care facility. Find out how to participate HERE.