Julie Anne

“I tried many facilities until I found Martin Luther Homes. I have been very happy living here and hope to enjoy many more years. The village reminds me of home. There is caring management and staff, companionship, social interaction and a feeling of security.”

Sue, daughter of Ingrid

“It was a very big and difficult decision for my mother to move into aged care 2.5 years ago ago. After looking at a few different facilities, it was clear from the moment we drove through the gates at Martin Luther Homes, that this was the best place for mum to be. The warmth and… Read more »

Allyson, daughter of Barbara

“I want to thank your staff for their beautiful care and compassion they showed us especially on the final day. It was very special for all the family to be by her bedside all afternoon, and having the staff support us with ‘cuppas’, biscuits, tissues, kind words and then helping Barbara through the final stages,… Read more »

Allison, daughter of Hans

“We had a family video call with dad today, something he looks forward to as we do, too. Martin Luther Homes are doing great in such challenging times. We appreciate all you do!”

Peter, son of Gretel

“Having observed my mother Gretel’s situation over the past 6 and half years, both when living independently and now in aged care, I continue to be impressed with the professional care and also the dedication of the staff to residents at Martin Luther Homes.”