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A ‘health check’ for Herbie

Before the current lockdown, our innovative car ‘Herbie’ got a lift to get his ‘health check’ done. Herbie, as it has been named, used to be an average Mercedes Benz A-Class that got its owner from A to B around the streets of Melbourne. However, now in its second life, it serves a much more… Read more »

Covid Vaccines for our residents

We are excited to announce that our residents have received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. This is such an important step in keeping everyone safe. A few leftover vaccines were offered to staff. We thank Aspen Medical for their very professional and efficient vaccination process. A big thanks to our Martin Luther Homes… Read more »

Discover technology at Martin Luther Homes

Here at Martin Luther Homes, we always encourage our residents to discover new things. Of course, we also focus on modern technologies and what they can bring to our residents life. We want to do more than just offering video calls between residents and their loved ones. We want to empower everyone who is interested… Read more »

Easter Bunny at MLH

The Easter Bunny came to visit MLH and put a big smile on our residents. Have a look yourself…

Garden Market at Martin Luther Homes

You can now adopt plants grown and nursed by our residents. If you have the chance, visit our garden in Treetops. Our resident and very talented gardener Wolfgang kept himself busy during lockdown last year. Together with other residents, he started a nursery and the results are impressive! Although Wolfgang has been growing plants for… Read more »

Tovertafel at Martin Luther Homes

A community fundraiser that has gone full circle At the start of 2020, the staff at Martin Luther Homes made a bold plan to fundraise enough money to purchase a Tovertafel. While big ideas on how to raise the ambitious $15,000 were at hand fairly quickly, including trivia nights and sausage sizzles, the spread of… Read more »

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