Martin Luther Homes is expanding

Martin Luther Homes offers a relaxed place to retire, due to its leafy surroundings and its spacious facilities in Melbourne’s outer east. Whether you are looking for independent living units or comfortable aged care, there is bound to be a suitable place for everyone at the foothills of Mount Dandenong.

However, just like the aged care sector itself, Martin Luther Homes has to go with the times to embrace the demands of an ever-growing 55+ demographic. We are therefore proud to announce that MLH has been allocated 61 additional beds by the Federal Government.

In order to welcome these additional residents, Martin Luther Homes has planned an extension of its facilities. After a thorough review and consultation process, Chairman Dietmar Witzleb (pictured left) has signed the building contract with SJ Higgins, a specialised construction company that focuses on aged care home development.

The construction process will progress in a number of stages. The first stage will see 33 new rooms constructed alongside Arcadia Avenue. As CEO Birgit Goetz has confirmed, construction of the first stage will be completed by 2019.

When taking a look at the façade of the new development, one will hardly be able to recognise familiar features of an aged care facility. It will look more like a modern apartment block, rather than a nursing home, says Goetz after meeting architect John Henry (pictured on right).

Due to the nature and size of the project, we are aware that the construction process might cause some form of inconvenience at times for some of our residents and neighbours.

Nevertheless, Martin Luther Homes management and the SJ Higgins team are at all times focused on minimising the noise and environmental impact the construction process might have.

If concerns might still arise, in spite of all efforts to reduce the construction impact on local stakeholders, please do not hesitate to contact us on 9760 2100.