Garden Market at Martin Luther Homes

You can now adopt plants grown and nursed by our residents.

If you have the chance, visit our garden in Treetops. Our resident and very talented gardener Wolfgang kept himself busy during lockdown last year. Together with other residents, he started a nursery and the results are impressive!

Although Wolfgang has been growing plants for many years, he sure made the most of a tough time for us all. Rather than sitting idle, he has been planting seeds and cuttings and he is now nursing a huge variety of plants.

Almost all the cuttings I used are from the other garden areas in the facility. Nursing the plants is a lot of work but it is a work of love. I tried different seeds, cuttings and techniques and it was definitely a big learning curve for me.

I love to see the different plants grow and to take care of them. Each plant has its own beauty and it is just a wonderful way of spending time and it certainly keeps me busy” states Wolfgang.

Although he will be sad to see them go, Wolfgang thinks that it is time for some of the plants to find a new home. If you would like to adopt a plant, please come and check out the garden. Have a chat with Wolfgang or our lifestyle staff. Donations will be much appreciated and will go, as always, towards our lifestyle program.