E-Card for our staff

Dear Relatives, Friends and wider Martin Luther Homes Community,

The Aged Care Employee Day is on the 7th of August. This is a national recognition day to celebrate Australia’s Aged Care Workers. We have organised an ‘e-card’, an electronic card that will be sent via email to our employees when we celebrate the Aged Care Employee Day.

We invite you to ‘sign’ the card by writing a message of appreciation to our wonderful staff!

If you’d like to participate, simply click on the following link to leave a message: https://sendwishonline.com/en/business/group-card/MsrAyYSwcKCH3Ph

Once you have opened the link, click on ‘sign card’ and leave your name and message to the staff. If you prefer to leave your message anonymously, simply write ‘A Relative’ in the ‘Enter Your Name’ field. You can change the text font, size and colour to your preference.

We appreciate anyone who is participating! Also, feel free to share the link with other relatives or friends who would like to leave a message to our staff.