Christmas Celebrations

December is always a busy month at Martin Luther Homes. Our residents and staff are enjoying the festive season. Everything is beautifully decorated and you can find 12 big Christmas trees throughout the aged care facility and the Community Hall. Staff have started wearing their themed Christmas t-shirts and everyone loves singing (or humming along) their favourite Christmas songs. Our residents are enjoying an array of different festive activities, including the Christmas Choir Practice or Christmas Art & Craft.

Our aged care residents kicked off this festive time of year by acknowledging St Nicholas Day (Nikolaustag). Our aged care residents met for morning tea and tested their knowledge in a St. Nicholas & Christmas trivia. And of course, they didn’t miss out on the opportunity to sing a couple of English, German and even Dutch Christmas songs.

An absolute highlight of the month was the big Christmas Party for our residents! Everyone gathered in Banksia or the Activity Room to participate in this special afternoon. Pastor Christoph and Pastor Peter were there, talking about Christmas and singing with the residents. We also head plenty of delicious Christmas sweets such as ginger bread and Stollen. Yummy!

We even had a visit of Santa Klaus aka Father Christmas aka Andy the handyman himself. Together with the lovely help of the wonderful Elf aka Debbie, all of our residents got a present. To round the afternoon up, we had a great sing-a-long with some of our favourite English and German Christmas songs. It was great fun for everyone! Rest assured, there are more great activities coming up this month!