A note from the laundry team

Please be reminded that all clothes need to be labelled. We kindly request that you deliver any new garments to the laundry staff before putting them in the closet. The main laundry is located in the Doongalla wing. Our dedicated laundry team will take care of labelling your new garments and ensuring that they are safely delivered to the resident.

If you would like, you can leave a small note with the garments and our laundry team will make sure to include it. By following this process, we can effectively minimise the risk of garments going missing or getting lost. Your cooperation and support in this matter are greatly appreciated.

Also, please be reminded that we have a ‘Lost Laundry’ rack in the hallway between Hedwig and Wattle. If you’re missing something, please have a look or approach our lovely laundry staff directly.