A ‘health check’ for Herbie

Before the current lockdown, our innovative car ‘Herbie’ got a lift to get his ‘health check’ done.

Herbie, as it has been named, used to be an average Mercedes Benz A-Class that got its owner from A to B around the streets of Melbourne. However, now in its second life, it serves a much more meaningful purpose.

Herbie was specially re-engineered to be an off-street vehicle that will give people with (and without) dementia the opportunity to, yet again, sit behind the wheel and go for a spin. Herbie can be safely maneuvered by a staff member while the residents enjoy the invigorating feeling of going for the drive.

Herbie has been launched in 2019 and was supposed to be in regular use in 2020. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Herbie had to be parked up for the year. The little car is getting checked by the mechanic to and will hopefully be up and running again soon. Our residents are already looking forward to going for a drive and for Herbie to be an exciting feature in the lifestyle program.